The Future Business Centre is owned and operated by Allia Ltd. It opened in November 2013.The Future Business Centre is a business innovation centre with a difference – to grow businesses that do good for society and the environment. More than just a set of workspaces for rent, it is a place where people can grow their ideas to make a difference in the world.

It offers affordable, high quality workspace on flexible terms with specialist business support and an ethos of collaboration and innovation. It is also home to Cambridge Cleantech who will be further supporting Cleantech start-ups in the City.

GreenSoul Potential Energy Saving Actions

Interrogation of Building Management System and tuning the system to give increased efficiency; Energy saving tenant engagement; marketing and promotions; consideration of additional monitoring and/or efficiency technology.

Employees information about the energy consumption and ways to change to more efficient behaviors.

Scrutinizing and refining the building management system to better suit occupants overall needs and savings.


Estimated Energy Savings