School Children of Cambridge Regional College learning about new ways of Energy Generation

On 7 December 2018, Cambridge LaunchPad partners Cambridge Cleantech and Cambridge Regional College teamed up to deliver an event with Year 6 students from Bar Hill Community Primary School. The aim of the day was to educate the students about how clean technology is currently being used and enthuse them about the possibilities available within the industry.
Over the course of the day, ambassadors from Cambridge Cleantech and BTEC students from Cambridge Regional College delivered a variety of hands-on activities.
Giving the younger students an opportunity to interact with those who have chosen a STEM related education pathway encourages them to consider the wide range of options available to them when thinking about their future. In the first half, students were asked to participate in a pop quiz about energy usage at home. They were then led to a workshop on building from recycled materials.
Upon arrival the students were split into four groups. As part of Cambridge Cleantech’s Greensoul project, students were encouraged to think about the amount of energy that was used when building our homes. Each team was given a selection of recycled materials and tasked to come up with an imaginative design for an energy-efficient eco-house. Some of the ideas the young minds came up with included wind turbines, rainwater collection and interior lift systems. Watch a short video about the event below: