We are happy to announce that the GreenSoul Project is celebrating it’s 4th Plenary Meeting on the 8th and 9th of March at the Weizer Energie Innovations Zentrum GmbH (W.E.I.Z) building in the Austria city of Weiz and the site of one of GreenSoul’s 6 pilot buildings.

During the 2 day Plenary Meeting, the GreenSoul team will review the current status of current project deliverables and attend technical sessions where the partners will plan GreenSoul’s future objectives and deliverables. One of the main topics that will internal and external dissemination of the GreenSoul project via conferences, social media and other digital communication.

Representatives from all of GreenSoul’s partners will attend, flying in from Spain (Wellness Smart Cities & the University of Deusto), the U.K., (Ceres-Tech Spaces, Cambridge Cleantech, Allia, Ecolution,) Greece (CERTH & the Municipality of Pilea-Hortiatis) and Austria: WEIZ & 4ward Energy).

At the end of the conference, the GreenSoul team will have the opportunity to visit the Weiz Energy and Innovation Zentrum pilot-building.