Finally, after our consortium meeting in Seville, the GreenSoul Project team realise that Cambridge University wouldn’t be an ideal site in order to execute one of our six pilots. The University building had an energy management system already and it was broadly a gym and sports centre. The opportunity to influence behaviour would have been limited.

We have started working with the Ecolution Group in order to include Affinity Sutton into our project. Affinity Sutton is one of the largest providers of affordable housing in England managing over 58,000 homes and properties in over 120 local authorities. Affinity Sutton are a non-profit organisation for social purpose with commitments to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency across its own buildings and housing stock including tackling fuel poverty of residents.

With this new pilot we are going to have a better opportunity to influence behaviour and also opportunities to exploit the solutions we are developing. The actions we have in mind include the use of personal and communal devices and also take advantage of the work of Ecolution, company that has installed solar PV, energy storage and monitoring technologies across a range of public buildings in the UK, including schools, universities and local authority offices.

More information at Affinity Sutton Pilot.