GreenSoul Project have in mind show how investing in #energyefficiency and #ecoawareness (technically, by incentives, with training or educating the behavior) could serve as an energy saving method. The project is working with 6 study cases / pilots that are taking place in several countries and city among Europe. Seville and Bilbao in Spain, Weiz in Austria, Pilea-Hortiatis in Greece or Cambridge (the University and the Future Business Centre) are our challenges.

In all the cases our main objective is train people about energy awareness, obtain efficiency buildings by the creation of tools, or giving incentives to citizens and institutions depending on their energy saving behavior.

Study cases

  • Seville. The Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia was built in 1992 for the World Exposition that was hosted in Seville and used by New Zealand as his presentation pavilion. After that, the building was transformed to be used by the local goverment. One of the main challenges was to rebuilt the building into offices and the major project was related to the adaptation of the air conditioning to current usage conditions and energy requirements. Due to the existing facility was designed for an unlimited period of time and characteristics of use, it was needed to design a completely new air conditioning system. The actions for this pilot os to obtain important bill savings and more confort in one of the warmest cities of Europe.
  • Pilea-Hortiatis. GreenSoul Project work directly with the The Municipality of Pilea-Hortiatis. The objective of this pilot is take advantage of the Municipality buildings, is close to the centre of the city Panorama and there also work public administratives and members of the Municipal Council. GreenSoul Project could reach citizens and employees from the Municipality, and teach by giving information about energy consumption and saving behaviour.
  • Bilbao ESIDE. A building that host the famous Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and the Faculty of Engineering, DeustoTech (a research center which belongs to Deusto Foundation) and DeustoKabi (a start-up incubator). A good challenge for the GreenSoul Project. How? By design a completely new air conditioning system, so we can improve the control of the HVAC (free cooling, open window detection, etc.), also obtain an improvement on the lighting system (LEDs) and an improvement on the use of computers.
  • University of Cambridge. Work in one of the world’s oldest universities and a leader in energy efficiency. GreenSoul Project will work with the University in order to raise awareness of energy usage per facility or equipment and give incentives to drive energy efficiency. All of this will be possible thanks to the previous actions taken by the University such as the installation of unique Solar PV system by Ecolution, a leader in the design and installation of renewable systems.
  • Future Business Centre. This is a business innovation centre with a difference – to grow businesses that do good for society and the environment. More than just a set of workspaces for rent, it is a place where people can grow their ideas to make a difference in the world. The GreenSoul Project aims to tune the Building Management System to be more efficiency. Also give information to employees about the energy consumption and ways to change to more efficient.
  • The Energy and Innovation Centre. Work directly with the 34 entrepreneurs and organizations in the field of F&E, Economy and Education in order to give them information about the energy consumption and offer trainings for their energy saving behaviour.