The World’s Smartest Buildings

Architecture has changed over the centuries – from ornate Greco-Roman pillars to clean minimalistic lines. The latest revolution has come in the form of futurist technology – buildings that make the most efficient use of natural resources, simply by being ‘smart’. With good design, it is possible to create living spaces that give more than [...]

Is Gamification here to stay?

Gamification is everywhere you look – in mobile phone apps that reward prizes for journaling seven days in a row, to office spaces designed for both the occasional chitchat and for highly focused work. But is gamification anything more than a fancy buzzword, destined to go the way of other overhyped technologies? According to Jan [...]

Energy Savings at your Fingertips

Personal Computers or laptops are the most essential equipment for the daily operations of the majority of companies. It is nearly unthinkable to run a business without these IT machines, and they are additionally complemented by a wide array of other tools: scanners, landline phones, printers, speakers, beamers and company smartphones. Not to mention all [...]

Greensoul Technology Rolled Out

As part of the GreenSoul pilot, researchers at Deusto University have developed a coaster and smart plug to track energy efficiency. We spoke to Diego Casado Mansilla, Research Associate at the Deusto University, on the thinking that went behind developing the technology. What was the inspiration behind the GreenSoul coaster and smart plug? Coaster: We [...]

Getting kids to rethink Energy Usage

School Children of Cambridge Regional College learning about new ways of Energy Generation On 7 December 2018, Cambridge LaunchPad partners Cambridge Cleantech and Cambridge Regional College teamed up to deliver an event with Year 6 students from Bar Hill Community Primary School. The aim of the day was to educate the students about how clean [...]

Photos for the GreenSoul Project 5th Plenary Meeting hosted by UDeusto

The plenary meeting of H2020 GreenSoul Project took place in Bilbao hosted by the University of Deusto from the 20 to 22 of june. The meeting was also part of the events that took place during the Energy Week that was holded in Bruselles from  Monday 19 to Sunday 25 June. All the partners for [...]

GreenSoul Project 5th Plenary Meeting hosted by UDeusto has started today in Bilbao

The plenary meeting of H2020 GreenSoul Project has started today in Bilbao hosted by the University of Deusto. The meeting is part of the events that take place during the Energy Week that is holding in Bruselles from yesterday Monday 19 to Sunday 25. All the partners for the GreenSoul Project assist to this meeting [...]

Horizon 2020: projects with the same objectives as the GreenSoul Project

Horizon 2020 includes a large group of innovative projects with one common objective: to raise consumer awareness of energy consumption and motivating behavioral change by providing attractive personalized incentives through a multifaceted combination of pro-active ICT-based knowledge services on energy use, indoor environment, health and lifestyle choices. Here are other H2020 projects with the same [...]

GreenSouled Stuff: interesting creations, conferences and articles about energy efficiency and eco-awareness

Here you have a new type of publications for the GreenSoul Project website. We are going to talk about other projects that fits in the GreenSoul main objectives - achieve higher energy efficiency in public buildings by altering the way people use energy consuming shared devices (lights, printers) and personal devices (personal pluggable appliances) - [...]

New GreenSoul Project meetings and presentations: MCIC and Pavegen

We have exciting news to announce about GreenSoul Project partners. On 13 March Cambridge Cleantech and Allia Ltd. partners met with MCIC, Morocco Climate Innovation Center, at the Future Business Centre at Cambridge, which is one of the Project’s pilot sites. MCIC was created in 2014 with the support of the World Bank / infoDev’s [...]