New round of presentations of GreenSoul Project: regional innovators and Tsinghua University Science Park

March is being a very active month for the GreenSoul Project. Cambridge Cleantech, one of the partners of this project, has been organized diverse presentations oriented to groups very differentiated and from multiple sectors. One of the presentations have been made to a group of regional innovators, many of them collaborators of Innovate UK, a [...]

Conferences and legible sustainability in the 4th Plenary Meeting in Weiz for the GreenSoul Project

The 4th Plenary Meeting in Weiz for the GreenSoul Project is going forward with very interesting conferences and discussions about the work packages, the evolution of pilots defined, and the final objectives of the project itself. Different members from all partners had arrived to Weiz, Vienna, last Tuesday to present colleagues the evolution of their [...]

GreenSoul Project will celebrate it’s 4th Plenary Meeting in Weiz

We are happy to announce that the GreenSoul Project is celebrating it’s 4th Plenary Meeting on the 8th and 9th of March at the Weizer Energie Innovations Zentrum GmbH (W.E.I.Z) building in the Austria city of Weiz and the site of one of GreenSoul’s 6 pilot buildings. During the 2 day Plenary Meeting, the GreenSoul team [...]

GreenSoul Project hosting delegations from China and Latvia

On Friday the 6th and Thursday the 26th our partner Cambridge Cleantech hosted a delegation of city and business leaders from the city of Nantong in China, and another of Latvian entrepreneurs, both visiting Cambridge GreenSoul pilot site. GreenSoul Project partner Cambridge Cleantech hosted two visits from international business leaders and entrepreneurs at Cambridge GreenSoul [...]

Update in our pilots’ reference list: Affinity Sutton instead of University of Cambridge

Finally, after our consortium meeting in Seville, the GreenSoul Project team realise that Cambridge University wouldn’t be an ideal site in order to execute one of our six pilots. The University building had an energy management system already and it was broadly a gym and sports centre. The opportunity to influence behaviour would have been [...]

Work on #energyefficiency and #ecoawareness through 6 pilots

GreenSoul Project have in mind show how investing in #energyefficiency and #ecoawareness (technically, by incentives, with training or educating the behavior) could serve as an energy saving method. The project is working with 6 study cases / pilots that are taking place in several countries and city among Europe. Seville and Bilbao in Spain, Weiz [...]

Welcome to our first post in the GreenSoul Blog!

Finally we star working in spread the project around the network. In order to achieve this purpose, we aim to promote this website throught our different Social Networks. We are present in Twitter using @GreenSoulH2020, Facebook by the creation of the Page for the project at GreenSoul Project, and LinkedIn, where you can follow our [...]