GreenSoul Project. Poster

GreenSoul Poster. Here you have the poster for the ICT-platform for higher engagement in energy efficiency among users of public buildings. The poster includes a brief but detailed introduction to the GreenSoul Project objectives and challenges. Only the English version has been produced. For other languages, please visit GreenSoul Project: Public Presentation and Flyers [...]

GreenSoul Project. Public Presentation

GreenSoul Public Presentation.pptx is a 19 page summary of the aims of the GreenSoul Project. The document presents the objectives, partners and pilot buildings and is intended as material to be presented at conferences, seminars and the tenants and managers of the 6 buildings involved in the GreenSoul project. Please contact Ceres Tech-Spaces or the [...]

GreenSoul Project. Banners/Flyers

The GreenSoul Project Banners/Flyers is a self-explaining 3 page fact sheet which provides a brief summary of the GreenSoul project including the social media links for the project. This document is intended as a flyer and briefing document to be distributed either digitally or in print. Download the GreenSoul Project Banners/Flyers Laden [...]