Energy Day at WEIZ

On the 5th of April, on an event celebrating the Energy Day, pilot participants at WEIZ gave a presentation on the GreenSoul project. Read more here.

New award for the Municipality of Pilea-Hortiatis

In this year's Best City Awards, Good Practices were awarded The Municipality of  Pilea- Hortiatis was honored with the award of energy saving in this year's award ceremony “Best City Awards”, confirming that it plays the leading part as far as the environmental issues are concerned. The important institution registers and rewards exceptional practices among [...]

Conference: Mathematical challenges into smart electrical networks

Cruz E. Borges has been invited to participate in the Undergraph series of conferences during the Month of the Science organized by the University of Salamanca. The objective of these workshops is to show to the students of sciences how real problems are modelled and studied. For this end, Cruz E. Borges has presented a [...]

DeustoTech Energy presents the GreenSoul project at PEJIM 2017

Cruz E. Borges, researcher from DeustoTech Energy has presented GreenSoul project in the 2017 PEJIM. These workshops, organized by the Faculty of science of the University of La Laguna bring together old and current students of Mathematics to presents their researches. In this occasion, Cruz Borges has presented the methodology followed in GreenSoul project to [...]

8th GreenSoul plenary meeting in Seville

From 24th to 26th of April of 2018 the GreenSoul partners went to Seville to celebrate the 8th project plenary meeting. This event was organized by the project leader, Wellness Smart Cities. The main objective of the plenary was to advance on the deployment of sensing technology on the different pilots across Europe: UK, Spain, [...]

GreenSoul project’s 8th Plenary Session hosted by Wellness Smart Cities in Seville

H2020 GreenSoul project´s 8th Plenary Session took place in Seville on the 25th and 26th April 2018, chaired by the coordinator, Wellness Smart Cities. The main goal of the meeting was to progress towards the deployment of the Greensoul technology across the different pilots located in Austria, Greece, United Kingdom and Spain. Internal dissemination aspects [...]

User Engagement Presentation at the WEIZ Pilot

On the 10th of April 2018, the WEIZ pilot held its User Engagement meeting to formally present the GreenSoul project to the end-users in order to foster their participation and active engagement in the project. After showing them the GreenSoul internal dissemination presentation, all users signed the informed consent form.

The 7th meeting of H2020 GreenSoul project in Bilbao

Last 15th and 16th of January the University of Deusto held the 7th plenary meeting of the H2020 GreenSoul project. The meeting was conceived to anchor the final pilot plan from a research perspective. Thus, we decided to create a randomized block design within each pilot where different blocks (sub-set of employees) will be subjected [...]

Cambridge organisations come together in energy and skills collaboration at Greensoul Day.

Cambridge Cleantech ran a successful series of events last week to celebrate the launch of the Greensoul project pilot in the Future Business Centre in Cambridge. The day brought together several different groups across the city to engage in the themes of the Greensoul project. Cambridge Cleantech worked with Form the Future, Cambridge Launchpad, Cambridge [...]

E-Nova Congress 2017 : The future of buildings

GREENSOUL partner 4Ward Energy  has recently presented GreenSouldProject at  E-Nova Intenational  Congress 2017 celebrated  in Pinkafeld, Austria on the 23th and 24th of November 2017. Placing the emphasis on a different topic every year, e-nova focuses on buildings and areas and considers sustainable technologies from an energy and environmental perspective. Conceived as an international scientific conference, [...]