GreenSoul Project. Newsletter #4

Our 4th GreenSoul newsletter cover the last two plenary meetings celebrated by GreenSoul partners:: 4th GreenSoul Meeting at the Weizer Energie Innovations Zentrum GmbH (W.E.I.Z) 5th Plenary Meeting at DEUSTOTech (University of Deusto) 4th Plenary Meeting at the Weizer Energie Innovations Zentrum GmbH (W.E.I.Z) The 4th GreenSoul Plenary Meeting was held at [...]

GreenSoul Project. Newsletter #3

Our GreenSoul third newsletter project is dedicated to the pilot-buildings that make up the GreenSoul. GreenSoul pilot-buildings are located in several different climatic zones within Europe. The GreenSoul Project will create energy savings within public buildings through modification of user & tenant-behavior using sensor technology and real-time data analysis. The GreenSoul Project’s six pilot-building [...]

GreenSoul Project. Newsletter #2

We are back again with the second GreenSoul project newsletter. We want to give you an overview about this project and how technology can modify user behavior in order to save energy in public buildings. Our main objective is to prove how behavior modification recommendations based on ICT monitoring data can bring about energy savings greater than 20%. [...]

GreenSoul Project Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first GreenSoul project newsletter. This is the first in a series of newsletters on the work and achievements of the GreenSoul team, partners, participants and stakeholders.   In this first newsletter, we summarize the objectives of the GreenSoul project. The main objectives of the GreenSoul project are to achieve higher energy efficiencies and savings [...]