From 24th to 26th of April of 2018 the GreenSoul partners went to Seville to celebrate the 8th project plenary meeting. This event was organized by the project leader, Wellness Smart Cities. The main objective of the plenary was to advance on the deployment of sensing technology on the different pilots across Europe: UK, Spain, Greece, and Austria. Furthermore, collaborations among dissemination leaders CleanTech and CERES with each of the pilot managers were established to foster participation and engagement of end-users.

The first piloting phase will start soon in July, so everything has to be put in place to successfully initiate the individual treatments. We hope that these two months will provide fruitful collaborations for making the project a success. As the DEUSTO team is very concerned with the environmental issues such as pollution, they decide to offset some CO2 emissions by riding everyday to the meeting place from their hotel. Next meeting will be organized by CERTH in Thessaloniki (Greece) in September.