Our GreenSoul third newsletter project is dedicated to the pilot-buildings that make up the GreenSoul. GreenSoul pilot-buildings are located in several different climatic zones within Europe. The GreenSoul Project will create energy savings within public buildings through modification of user & tenant-behavior using sensor technology and real-time data analysis.

The GreenSoul Project’s six pilot-building sites are located in Spain, Greece, Austria and the United Kingdom. Team members will ensure that data and behaviour will be analyzed across both buildings and countries.

So lets talk about our six pilot-buildings and where they take place and the expected energy savings.

The GreenSoul pilot-building in Seville is The Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia which was built in 1992 for the World Exposition that was hosted in Seville and afterwards was transformed into a building housing a regional government office. One of the main challenges was to rehab the building into offices including adapting & upgrading the building air conditioning to current usage conditions and energy requirements. The Institute was originally designed and built for a limited period of use, so a completely new air conditioning system was needed to make the building permanently habitable.
GreenSoul Potential Energy Saving Actions: Bill savings and more comfort
Estimated Energy Saving: 18.5%

The GreenSoul pilot-building in Bilbao is ESIDE-COMERCIAL which was finished in 1921 and houses the renowned University of Deusto Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. In 1996, the a modern ESIDE building was erected and attached at the rear of the 1921 building. Today, the two combined ESIDE buildings host the following university departments: the Faculty of Engineering, DeustoTech (a research center which belongs to Deusto Foundation) and DeustoKabi (a start-up incubator). The two buildings share the electricity, water and heating systems.
Just like in Seville, the main challenge was to rehab the 1921 building into offices including adapting & upgrading the building air conditioning to current usage conditions and energy requirements. The 1921 building needed a completely new air conditioning system was required to make the building habitable by modern standards.
Potential Energy Saving Actions: Improve the control of the HVAC (free cooling, open window detection, etc.); Improvement on the lighting system (LEDs); Improvement on the use of computers.
Estimated Energy Saving: 30%

Future Business Centre
The GreenSoul Project building in Cambridge is The Future Business Centre which is owned and operated by Allia Ltd. It opened in November 2013. The Future Business Centre is a business innovation center with a difference – to grow businesses that do good for society and the environment.
Potential Energy Saving Actions: Interrogation of Building Management System and tuning the system to give increased efficiency; Energy saving tenant engagement; marketing and promotions; consideration of additional monitoring and/or efficiency technology. Employees information about the energy consumption and ways to change to more efficient behaviors. Scrutinizing and refining the building management system to better suit occupants overall needs and savings.
Estimated Energy Saving: 15%

The GreenSoul Project building located in Graz is The Energy and Innovation Centre of Weiz which is an innovative and trendsetting business center.
Potential Energy Saving Actions: Employee’s information about the energy consumption; Trainings for their energy saving behaviour.
Estimated Energy Saving: 29.4%

The Municipality of Pilea-Hortiatis is based in new building recently completed in 2010 and consists of two building; the Municipal Hall and Building B. The Municipal Hall is the office of the Pilea-Hortiat municipal government & Council, and is open to the general public 5 days a week from 7:00 am to 16:00 pm. Building B is open in the afternoons till 21:00 am: it hosts a municipal music school, concert theatres and conference halls. In Building B, cultural & social events are organized during the week as well as in the weekends.
Potential Energy Saving Actions: Employees information about the energy consumption; Citizen information about the energy consumption; Incentives to citizens depending on their energy saving behaviour.
Estimated Energy Saving: 36.6%

Ecolution Group on Affinity Sutton
Ecolution has provided renewable energy solutions to commercial, local authority, Housing Association, residential clients and the building sector for more than 15 years. Affinity Sutton is one of the largest providers of affordable housing in England and manage over 58,000 homes and properties in over 120 local authorities. They are a non-profit social purpose organization with commitments to reduce carbon emissions & fuel-poverty and to increase energy efficiency across the buildings and housing stock they manage. Ecolution has worked with Affinity Sutton to install renewable technologies and energy efficient measures across their buildings and housing stock.
Potential Energy Saving Actions: Personal devices, communal devices, lighting and AC.
Estimated Energy Saving: 20%

Stay tuned to our next newsletter with new information about the GreenSoul Project.

GreenSoul Project team will reunite in Austria next 7 to 9 of March to present first pilot results.