The GreenSoul project aims to prove that behavioural modification recommendations based on ICT monitoring data at public buildings can result in energy savings greater than 20%. The GreenSoul platform will be deployed in six pilot-buildings in different climatic areas – Spain, Greece, Austria and the United Kingdom -, ensuring cross-country and cross-building analysis of the project’s expected impact.

  • The GreenSoul project will design and develop an integrated ICT platform whose primary purposes will be to:

  • Improve users awareness of their energy consumption habits;

  • Study the ecological behaviour of building users in shared environments;

  • Analyze the effectiveness of different persuasion techniques;

  • Assist users through decision-support (DSS) engine recommendations;

  • Provide socio-economic evidence about the viability of the changes proposed.

  • Technical interventions in buildings will be accompanied by programs designed to educate and motivate users in energy consumption behaviour, using the most effective techniques (such as gamification and other social media processes) in interactive interfaces and mobile apps.

Technological Objectives

  • Implement Greensoul Smart Adaptor that turns everyday things into persuasive, co-operative and reactive networked eco-aware things
  • Extend existing Smart Meters with Greensoul Properties
  • Implement an Analytics and Decision-support engine driving the eco-behavior of the environmen
  • Provide an assortment of social mobile, web apps and physical interfaces associated with e-consuming devices to persuade and incentivise users towards more responsible energy consumption in public spaces

Social Objectives

  • Understanding users’ eco-friendliness and attitudes towards sustainability in shared spaces
  • Improve user’s self eco awareness in shared spaces through persuasive interfaces and mobile social web apps
  • Promote an intelligent eco-wise and self configurable environment reacting to user’s behaviour
  • Research on the alignment of the organizations’ energy efficiency goals with the individuals’ ones
  • Apply evidence-based analysis using the data collected in the six validation pilots from both behavioural and the socio-economic vision
  • Elaborate a business plan for the commercial exploitation of the system at a European level considering market entrance one year after the project end

Expected Impact

  • Systemic energy consumption and production and emissions reduction between 15% and 30%
  • Accelerate wide deployment of innovative ICT solutions for energy efficiency
  • Greater consumer awareness and engagement in energy efficiency
  • Social media as multiplier hubs – GreenSoul will be linked to social platforms allows using them as dissemination channels for ICT solutions.