GreenSoul Project is the result of collaboration between ten European companies, universities and research centers

The Information Technologies Institute (ITI) was founded in 1998 as a non‐profit organisation under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Greek Ministry of Development, with its head office located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since 10/03/2000 it is a founding member of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) also supervised by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT).

CERTH/ITI is one of the leading Institutions of Greece in the fields of Informatics, Telematics and Telecommunications, with long experience in numerous European and national R&D projects. It is active in a large number of research domains such as Security and Surveillance, Image and Signal Processing, Computer & Cognitive Vision, Human Computer Interaction, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Multimedia.

CERTH/ITI´s role in the project will be to define, design and implement the behavioural aspects and socio-economic models of the GreenSoul platform. CERTH will also deliver the Analytics engine and will assist in the validation of the GreenSoul platform.

Contact person: Stelios Krinidis (

Cambridge Cleantech is a membership organisation supporting the growth of environmental goods and services or “Cleantech” companies in the Greater Cambridge area. Their ambition is to further develop Cambridge as a leading Cleantech centre in Europe by co-ordinating, supporting and promoting commercial opportunities for their members. They have a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), including, as energy management and smart metering is a strength of the Cambridge cluster, one for ‘Smarts’ (metering, grids and appliances).

Cambridge Cleantech will be an active partner throughout the project and will have a particular focus in managing the pilot building project at the Future Business Centre and disseminating the findings from the project to the wider business community across Europe. Cambridge Cleantech will disseminate the findings from the report to a range of markets with particular emphasis on the business community

Contact person: Martin Garrat (

Wellness Smart Cities (WSC) is a technology-based SME from Spain, funded in 2014 from the mother company Wellness Telecom (SME, 2008) belonging to the Wellness Group (

Wellness Smart Cities designs and builds technology to add intelligence to infrastructures, creating more efficient and intelligent cities. WSC has a broad experience in manufacturing smart solutions, products & services making use of ICT´s such as wireless sensors networks, secure telecommunications, software development, SaaS provision and web/mobile technologies application.

Wellness Smart Cities is the coordinator of the GreenSoul proposal based on their previous experience in European projects. Furthermore, WSC will be in charge of the adaptation of the smart analysers to use in the pilot buildings in order to increase their control intelligence functionality that will help the consumption monitoring and control at device stage

Contact person & project´s coordinator: José Manuel Ávila Castuera (

CERES CERES-TechSpaces™ is a technical development company, commercial mentor and incubator of smart-city solutions with a proven track-record reducing energy consumption, increasing cost-savings and building eco-awareness among different constituents and community groups. They believe in the ability of communication technologies to produce cooperation on all aspects of urban life, enhancing delivery of services so they are sustainable, cost-effective and equitable. They bring their services to local, regional and national urban infrastructure managers, private and public utilities and other large consumer-facing groups, increasing the effectiveness of their services.

In the field of Energy Efficiency, CERES provides international business-development consulting services to IT start-ups with energy efficient solutions, such as a portable power-generation solution manufacturer whose business-value lies in helping large telecom operators reduce energy-consumption and therefore their C02-footprint. Other examples of projects we are currently advising on are: a novel photovoltaic (PV) solution capable of low-cost energy generation using farmland without reducing its agricultural output, or an additive manufacturing 3D process for the next generation factory using new materials (such as composite nanomaterials, recycled biomaterials, and recycled ABS). CERES provides specific and appropriate methodologies for each client concentrating on elements that bring added value. CERES provides results-oriented advice to start-ups with innovative solutions which supports with cost-effective innovative web & mobile applications.

CERES´ role in GreenSoul is two-fold: (i) leading the public dissemination of the project via the project´s social website, and (ii) design and development of the project´s mobile app.

Contact person: Pilar De La Cal (

Allia is a charity that supports organisations dedicated to making a positive social impact. Social ventures are organisations that exist for the primary purpose of tackling particular social issues or creating specific social benefits. They may be charities or social enterprises and can take a variety of forms. The Future Business Centre is owned and operated by Allia Ltd. It opened in November 2013.The Future Business Centre is a business innovation centre with a difference – to grow businesses that do good for society and the environment. More than just a set of workspaces for rent, it is a place where people can grow their ideas to make a difference in the world.

It offers affordable, high quality workspace on flexible terms with specialist business support and an ethos of collaboration and innovation. It is also home to Cambridge Cleantech who will be further supporting Cleantech start-ups in the City. Allia and the Future Business Centre will be a major place and identity in the globally important city of Cambridge for bringing leading EU experts together on the GreenSoul project and connect to the building’s actions in participating in the practical measures.

Contact person: David Broach (

Energy and Innovation Centre of Weiz (W.E.I.Z.) is a subsidiary of the municipality of Weiz, which is situated in Eastern Styria, around 30 km away from Graz. As non-profit organisation, it is one out of 31 so called “impulse centres” in the Austrian province Styria. The focus of the W.E.I.Z. was set on “innovation” and “energy”, especially renewable energy and energy efficiency.

As regional impulse centre, the W.E.I.Z. has been involved in more than 50 regional and international projects as a project leader or partner towards the fields “construction & energy”, “internationalization & networking” and “know how‐transfer & sustainability”. Within these projects the W.E.I.Z. has implemented specific feasibility studies (e.g. Waste Water, Sustainability Concept), has created various sustainable toolkits for eco‐efficient construction and has organised several international study visits, symposia and excursions on the building sector (e.g. passive houses, low‐energy‐houses and energy efficient objects in the frame of the EU‐solar exhibition 2005).

In the GreenSoul project, W.E.I.Z. will lead the Selection & the Energy Awareness Rating for impact Assessments. Furthermore, W.E.I.Z. will specify the key performance indicators to measure socio-economic behavioral factors and will analyze GreenSoul platform´s cost and social and economic impact.

Contact person: Andrea Dornhofer (

The Municipality of Pilea –Hortiatis (MPH) is a suburban Municipality next to Thessaloniki city –the second largest Greek city‐ in the Region of Central Macedonia. It is a relatively sparsely populated district offering opportunities for major residential and business development, in the context of the more general development prospects enjoyed by the Greater Thessaloniki area. Emphasis is currently being laid on the development of the new service economy, an area in which Pilea‐Hortiatis offers numerous competitive advantages such as its proximity to the airport and to major road axes, the existence of ample open spaces and the necessary infrastructure for further development. The great challenge facing the Municipality is to combine economic growth with respect for the environment and a guaranteed quality of life for its residents. Pilea –Hortiatis is also home to one of the EU’s decentralized agencies, Cedefop, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training.

MPH will be an active partner throughout the project and will have a particular focus on managing the pilot building (Municipality Hall) at the Greece and evaluating the outcomes of the project to. HMP owns the Municipality Hall building, where the Greek pilot will be executed. Furthermore, MPH will evaluate the outcomes of the projects, and more specifically it will be involved at the specification of the key performance indicators measuring the socio-economic and behavioural factors of the GreenSoul project. Also, MPH will be actively involved to the analysis of the GreenSoul solution cost, as well as its socio-economic impact.

Contact person: Alexandra Ananika (

Ecolution (ECOL) has provided renewable energy solutions to commercial, local authority, Housing Associations, residential clients and the building sector for more than 15 years. ECOL designs and installs PV and Solar Thermal systems for clients across the whole construction sector, including residential, commercial, retail, education, agriculture and public sector. ECOL helps their customers maintain their current energy management systems, whether installed by them or not. ECOL offers intuitive remote meter products, carbon reduction programmes and energy consumption reporting for both homes and businesses and are specialised in retrofitting monitors to existing PV schemes for housing associations, local authorities and landlords.

The relevant experience for Greensoul is the experience in installation of renewable technologies, together with monitoring equipment to show energy use, savings and performance. ECOL will be mainly involved in the installation of equipment at a pilot public building site in the UK.

Contact person: Kevin Knapp (

The University of Deusto counts with a sound experience in Project Management having coordinated EU grants and large projects. The MORElab – envisioning Future Internet ( research group is one of the largest and most successful research groups in the University and belongs to the INTERNET unit within DeustoTech – Deusto Institute of Technology, affiliated to the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Deusto.

The group has a strong background in the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques to middleware for embedded and mobile systems in order to foster context‐aware reactivity. In addition, the group is currently focusing its research on the area of Smart Cities by leveraging its expertise on Ubiquitous Computing, Linked Open Data management and recommendation and social data mining (Big Data Analytics) to extract structured data from social networks and thus enable urban apps assisting the daily activities of citizens or visitors.

In the GreenSoul project, UDEUSTO is responsible for the creation of GreenSoul-ed devices and assessment of the impact of their deployment in the pilot buildings, respectively. It also has a relevant role in the definition of a socio-economic and behavioural model for the transformation of public use buildings into more energy consumption efficient sites.

Contact person: Dr. Diego López de Ipiña (

4ER – 4ward Energy Research GmbH (Austria) is a spin-off of the University of Applied Sciences JOANNEUM. The research facility 4ward Energy Research GmbH is a non-profit organisation of benefit to the public in the sector of energy research, both at national and international level. The fields of activity are manifold and cover amongst others the fields of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, alternative fuels and propulsion systems, energy model regions, energy innovation etc. The staff was and is involved in numerous scientific energy projects (>100). Therefore a high level of expertise in the field of energy technologies, power engineering and energy industry is available. Several projects with project focus have been performing. Thus the research facility is very familiar with the project area. Next to the headquarters in Vienna the research facility operates 2 district offices (Graz and Vorau).

In the GreenSoul project, 4ER will provide support for developing the energy consumption monitoring devices, component design and implementation, platform design, development and integration. Will also provide support for piloting, where the platform will be installed and customized the specification of key performance indicators to measure socio-economic and behavioural factors will be done. 4ER will also be responsible for the baseline creation and measuring snapshot of the generation.

Contact person: Markus Rabensteiner (