The GreenSoul project has designed, implemented and tested a system for the energy saving of medium and large companies, with the possibility of extending the market to large-sized homes. The system is based on the monitoring of energy consumption and mechanisms to give personalized usage recommendations, taking into consideration the characteristics of the users and adapting to their changes.

The systems make use of energy-related profiles of each user that can be obtained by a previous questionnaire or by other methods. Each profile has an optimal way to receive feedback on their energy consumption and good practices to increase energy performance. The system makes use of this information to show the user how to save energy. This feedback is effective even outside the areas directly controlled by the system.

The GreenSoul systems consist of different elements organised in three main blocks:

  1. Multi-sensorial network: a set of sensors and adaptors are deployed to optimize efficient usage of individual and collective appliances in specific zones of the building or the entire building.
  2. GreenSoul Decision Support System: a software component to provide value to the information retrieved by the network of sensors. This component analyses data and provide autonomous recommendations or even actions (through actuators) to fulfil the GreenSoul energy-efficiency objectives.
  3. Visualisation Interfaces: provide useful information to the end-users and buildings managers about energy consumption in the building. This consist of a mobile application for end-users containing information about energy consumption and performance of individual appliances and devices of collective usage (at the office level), and a web-based dashboard with information about the energy performance of the monitored offices of the building for energy managers).