The Interactive Coaster (IC) is an everyday object that aims at educating and motivating office workers reducing the energy consumption of the electrical devices that surround them in their desktop (e.g. laptops, mobile chargers, monitors, etc.). It has been designed for simplicity, low energy consumption and intuitive use. The IC is a coaster, made of wood and includes concentric circles of translucent methacrylate that cast ambient light. It is connected to the computer through a USB port and to the Internet through Wi-Fi, which enables receiving information about the energy consumption of desktop devices. The device visualizes the energy consumption of the workstation through the colour of the light rings.

The IC can communicate with the Smart Plug through a Bluetooth interface.  GreenSoul Smart Adaptor will turn everyday things into persuasive, co-operative and reactive networked eco-aware things through local monitoring of consumption per device, and real-time interaction with the user in their individual space where all the energy decisions about surrounding devices have to be taken by them. Thus, the devices intended to be controlled by the Smart Plug are devices of personal use.