GreenSoul News is the bi-monthly newsletter for the GreenSoul Project. Each issue highlights news and updates from the project and its pilot implementations in the UK, Spain, Austria and Greece.

Greensoul Project draws to a close

We have come to the end of the Greensoul pilot and would like to thank all the participants who joined us in the pilots, along with the facilities managers and pilot leaders in each of the six 6 public buildings in the UK, Spain, Greece and Austria that were part of the project.

One of the main sources of unnecessary energy consumption is the misuse of energy consuming devices and systems in buildings, and making energy consuming devices more efficient is one of the keys in order to achieve the EU 20-20-20 climate and energy targets. With this in mind, the GreenSoul project focused on public buildings and aimed to achieve a higher energy become more aware of the energy they consumed at the workplace.

Challenges faced

We faced several challenges during the pilot phase (some of these challenges are documented in the Best Practices section in this newsletter), but in the end we were successful in getting more than a hundred participants on board and were able to collect data on energy usage across the 6 pilots.


The results from the project were mixed. While some of the pilots such as Allia, Deusto & MPH saw savings in energy usage and carbon emissions, other pilots saw an increase in energy usage for a number of reasons.

The following table illustrates the net savings that resulted from the pilots:

Energy Savings

8.13 MWh

Cost savings

1.76 k€

Greenhouse gas Emission Reduction

3.61 tCO2

We hope that everyone who has been with us on this journey will keep the learnings from this project in mind and remember to take small steps towards energy efficiency in the days to come.

From the Greensoul team, we wish you all a Happy New Year.

Also in this issue: Lessons Learned from the Greensoul Project, Policy Corner, and more. Download here.